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I translate texts from English to Czech and from Czech to English. It is my passion.

Thanks to long-term studies in my own country and abroad I am able to offer high-quality translation service at a reasonable price (Price-list).

Individual approach to my customer is always a priority to me. I put emphasis on:

  • their requests and ideas about the translated text
  • purpose of the translation

Consultations with the customer are important as they bring considerable contribution for the quality of the translated text. Based on the consultations I am able to match the translation with the demand of the customer.

Recently I devote myself to translating:

  • literary works
  • short stories and essays
  • philosophical texts

M překlady

Translations - Order

  1. Sending a Part of the Text
    First of all, the customer sends a part of the text that should be translated for appraisal. I consider the expertise and legibility of the text. For judgment of the text I need the customer to send me:
    • 1 exemplary page of the text,
    • number of translated pages,
    • required date of delivery.
    The customer can send me a part of the text by means of Contact Form.
  2. Pre-calculation
    Based on the sent text of the text I prepare free pre-calculation of the price for the customer. The price of the translation is based on the number of standard pages, expertise, legibility of the text and also the speed of processing. The price is given by the number of characters and the price of the standard page. You can find the number of characters on page in the programme MS Word / Tools / Number of words (characters). The pre-calculation will be sent promptly to the customer by next working day at the latest.
  3. Sending an Order
    If the customer agrees with the price, it is necessary to fill in and send an Order Form along with the text that should be translated in the attachment. After I receive the biding order I start working on the translation for you. I will also confirm the acceptance of the documents and the date of delivery via email.
  4. Sending Completed Translation
    The translated text can be sent to you in the formats DOC, DOCS, PDF (ready to print), or in printed form, too.


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