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Translations, Transcriptions

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I do what I like the most! I translate texts from English to Czech and from Czech to English.


I focus on translating both common and professional texts. Professional translations that I specialize in are:
  • Economic and legal texts (annual statements, accounting statements, etc.)
  • Commercial texts (correspondence, agreements, etc.)
  • Technical texts (documents, guidelines, manuals, guarantees, etc.)
  • Publications, articles, company magazines, website presentations, dissertations, presentations, handouts for training, etc.
I am able to offer high-quality translations in the following fields:
  • European Union issues
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Management and Marketing
  • Political science, Sociology, Law and many others
At the moment I devote myself to translating:
  • literary works
  • short stories and essays
  • philosophical texts
I also offer prompt translations within 24 hours. Pre-calculation of the price of the translation is free for the customer.


I offer transcript of printed texts and audio recordings into electronic form both in English and Czech. Thanks to acquired experience in the world competitions in fast typing (10th place in the World Championship in Lausanne in Switzerland in 1998) I can guarantee speed and faultlessness of the transcripted texts in both languages (State Exam - Master in Typing).

About me

I am able to offer high-quality translation service to the customers thanks to long-term studies of English and internships abroad (Great Britain, USA, India). I graduated from Faculty of Philosophy at Palacky University in Olomouc. You can find more information about me in my Curriculum Vitae.


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